Met up with one of my friends today.. We didn’t know exactly where we wanted to go, it was of course a cold day in the city. I love to eat so that was definitely the plan, to catch up and get something to eat! We were standing inside the 14st-Union Square train station undecided so 20 minutes later, I found a spot called Barrio 47 in the West Village. We arrived at 4:30 p.m. thinking they were open but apparently, they were closed. I didn’t think they would be but it’s a lounge also so they usually open at 5! That sucked. I quickly thought of another place that I’ve been to called Vynl. I figured its a few block away on 8th Ave so why not? As we’re getting closer to the place it turns out that they shut down that location! Crazy right? I was highly upset but I had to think of a place because I’m cold and hungry, two things that don’t mix well. So Spice, a well-known Thai restaurant has a few locations in the city and we were close to 8th Ave one so that of course was our last resort!



Passion Fruit Mojito – Signature Shrimp Fritters.


Honey Duck w/ Broccoli and String Beans & White Rice.




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