Hey guys! Haven’t been on here for a day, hope all is well today. The temperature is rising a tad bit in NYC and I am starting to window shop, ‘online’ window shop and see what pieces I should buy for the spring season. Zara has been releasing a lot of hot and affordable things, so I thought I should show you guys the top 5 items I came across that I think is going to be hot for the spring season.


1. Combination Leather Efect Parka – $189.00

The parka jacket with the leather sleeve is a MUST for the spring time. This is one item I feel every girl should have in her closet. I started to see this style around the fall (September-October) in the city, just wasn’t sure which one to get because some do look very low budget. My next post I’m going to talk about the best ‘parka-leather’ jackets to purchase. This jacket I feel is a day-time jacket, not best for the evening out to the club or out to eat.


2. Combination High Heel Sandal  –  $49.90

First off, with this price, this is a bargain. I had one pair of Zara pumps and by experience one thing I can say is Zara shoes are long lasting. I never thought in a million years that this style shoe would be lets say… stylish. Shoes like this people would say look like prom shoes but guess what? This is actually the IT shoe for the spring season. An all purpose shoe, whether you’re going out to dinner, to the club or just want a comfortable stylish looking shoe for the day, you can’t lose with these. Also they can practically match with anything. Great with skinny jeans, bodycon dress, high-low dress, jumpsuit, romper, you name it, IT GOES! It’s about 4.17 inches high and most of the shoe is patent leather so it is very easy to clean. Get them while you can!


3.Studded Black Rubber Necklace – $19.90

Usually necklaces are around $25.00 and up when I browse through the Zara website, but this one here caught my eye not only because of how it looks, but of course the price. There’s not TOO much going on with this necklace, which is one thing that I like. The gold square studs to me makes this necklace. You can wear this with a ‘chill-fit’ (what I like to call a comfortable outfit), this will definitely bring some ‘ummph’ into your outfit. Or on a night out, this necklace would be great. Again, there’s not alot going on with this necklace so, you can wear them with some stud earrings, hoops or even some big, bold dramatic earrings.


4. Studio Bandeau With Strap – $59.90

If you have the bod for this, go for it! Bandeau tops have been popular for the past few years but for this upcoming spring, and summer, bandeau strap tops are going to be IN. Anything that has straps going around screams ‘sexy’ to me, and this top shows skin to me in the most classiest way EVER. Looks great with any type of bottom; shorts, skirts, pants or  jeans.


5. Blazer with Puffed Shoulders 99.90

This color is just indescribable! Fuchsia is one of my favorite colors at heart. This blazer just makes a BOLD statement. So if you’re like me and your closet is filled with black, or you just want something that’s vibrant added to your closet, this blazer is definitely something you should consider and buy!


Are there any other pieces on the Zara site that you think is a hot item?


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