Hola! Hope everything is well with you all. I usually don’t do ‘OOTD’ posts daily, but I took a photo today and I figured why not? My outfit today was very comfortable, not too much going on. Image

The Edif PU and Wool Varsity Jacket – WESC 

Crew Sweatshirt in Grey – WESC

Boot-Cut Rugby Jeans

Air Jordan Black Cement 3s

I tried searching online for those of you that are interested in any of these pieces but apparently they’re sold out or out of stock on every single website I’ve tried. However, the pullover grey sweatshirt I have on, they are similar styles you can check out on these sites:



The jacket, I actually got on sale at Urban Outfitters for about 70 bucks; talk about a bargain. As I mentioned, this jacket is sold out everywhere, but I DID come across the jacket on http://www.punk.com (sizes XS,S and M), and it’s on ‘sale’ for $175.00. That’s insane! The jacket itself honestly speaking is pretty dope. If you want to splurge and spend that much for it, go for it!


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