Hey guys! I want to focus on Unif (short for Ur Not In Fashion), one of my favorite street-wear brands. Fashion designer Eric Espinoza started Unif as menswear in 2004 and later on decided to extend his brand by designing clothing for women in 2009. Their tees have tons of funny sayings, blunt messages and… more ‘blunt’ messages if you catch my drift. For those of you that aren’t familiar with Unif, they are known for their popular Jesus Saves I Spend tee:




Illuminati believers consider Unif as a very satanic brand and feel that Unif advertises subliminal messages in a very unpleasant manner. I’m honestly not a believer, I just really love their brand! If you’re not a person that wouldn’t sport let’s say a curse word on a t-shirt or anything that is explicit and basically ‘rated R’, then Unif is not the brand for you. It’s more for people with bold and daring personalities, that don’t mind the spotlight being on them. However, they do have shirts that are cool and ‘appropriate’ for the public. I selected a few tees that I thought were fierce. Here there are:



Rad Tee – $60.00


We High 5 Tee – $60.00


Celize Bag Tee – $60.00


Boobs Tee – $60.00


6 Eyes Tee – $60.00


Shop for more dope tees, shoes and more at: www.unifclothing.com.


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