As I mentioned a few blogs ago, I simply adore Rebecca Minkoff handbags. Saks had a “Friends and Family” sale last weekend (which I wasn’t aware of until last minute) and silly ol’ me was going to purchase a bag from Bloomingdale’s Friends and Family sale. Now don’t get me wrong, I shop at both stores but Saks F&F is usually 25% off while Bloomingdale’s is only 20%; you do the math. So of course I went to Saks and I purchased a black Mini Mac bag.




Words cannot explain how much I love this bag. It’s not too small and believe it or not you can stuff a lot things into this bag. I love the fact that you can adjust the length in two different ways or you can remove the strap completely and wear it as a clutch. There are a few differences I spotted from my red Mini Mac that I already own and my brand new black Mini Mac:20130505-193419.jpg






The gold hardware on the black bag is not as “rich” as the red bag. It seems like the hardware on the black bag is more of a silver mixed with gold. Also, I noticed the “hook” that’s located on the front appears to have “RM” engraved in the middle of it; my older red Mini Mac doesn’t have that. Nonetheless, I’m still in love with my new bag!


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