So today was the first day of Rebecca Minkoff’s sample sale in NYC! At first, I wasn’t going to purchase anything because I just purchased my black Mini Mac a week ago, but I figured one more bag wouldn’t hurt.. right? There was a huge line outside but I ordered a $50 coupon on the Gilt site where you can skip the line and receive $50 off your purchase! I wanted to take photos so you guys can see how crowded and insane it was but unfortunately my phone died. But say hello to my new baby! Her name is Goldie, LOL.


The standard ‘Mac’ bag usually goes for about $295 in retailers such as Saks and Bloomingdale’s but it was going for $175 at the sale, and of course an additional $50 off so yeah, talk about a bargain. I love this metallic gold!

Yes, the sample sale is still going on for anyone that is in the NYC and LA area. Here’s more information for anyone that’s interested:



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